Saturday, March 30, 2013

Minneapolis Childrens Photographer - One Shot Mckaea

Minneapolis Childrens Photographer - Mckenna

Mckenna, is such an amazing girl.  I've been so lucky to watch her grow into the amazing girl she is today!  I remember holding her wrapped up in receiving blankets :)  She is so smart, and loves to create things, and she is such a "doer!"  She loves reading and her little sister Mckaea, and I know she is going to go so far in life!

Tannen - Minneapolis Natural Light Childrens Photographer

I absolutely adore this young  man, Tannen!  He is so handsome and is going places!  I loved how during the beginning of his shoot, you could tell he was nervous, but about half way through, his confidence grew so so so much and that really shows in his pictures!  And his eyes - to die for!

Welcome - Minneapolis Natural Light Photographer

Welcome to my little spot in this wide world of the web...and enjoy my journey of photographing Seniors, Children, Newborn, and familys.  Have a lovely day Darlings!